21 May 2009

Areps.at a Facebook phishing scam

Here I am about as experienced of an Internet user as anyone, and security conscious as well. But I think I may have fallen into a Facebook fishing scam. The culprit: an e-mail from a Facebook friend that said merely this:
"Check areps.at"
The subject line said merely "hello."

And now I can't get into Facebook to try to fix the damage, if I still can.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Updates: Apparently the domains bests.at and kirgo.at are also being used. Despite the Austrian domain, it appears that whoever behind this may be in Russia.

The phishing attack apparently shut down Facebook for a few minutes. In the meanwhile, Facebook send me an e-mail (a legitimate one) so I could reset my password.

There's also a good update here.

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